A passion ignited by a lifechanging trip

Where it all began Our magic moment in Marblehead

Call it fate, chance or serendipity, but in 1997 everything just fell into place for us. During a meandering coastal road trip just outside Boston, USA, we stumbled upon a picturesque town called Marblehead. Little did we know that this small seaside town would have such a huge impact on our future.

The weather was perfect, the people were welcoming and the views were stunning. This was a place we’d never been to before and yet we’d never felt so at home. We instantly fell in love with the place and its New England style and architecture.

Since those days, we’ve found a new home in the North West of England, but in some ways we never left Marblehead. The rugged dramatic beauty of the Atlantic coastline and the simplicity and style of coastal living, continue to influence and inspire every space we’ve created over the last 25 years. We even named our business after the town, as a constant reminder of how beautiful places have the power to transform lives for the better.

Every project is special to us, as it gives us the chance to help create joyous moments like these for our clients and helps to keep that Marblehead magic alive.

The personal touch Meet Diana

As a talented interior designer with a natural flair for colour, styling and aesthetics, Diana brings a wealth of creativity, inspiration and talent to the Marblehead Home team. She works closely with customers and her husband, Andy, to create clean, balanced welcoming spaces that bring joy and practicality to all our clients.

As a wife, and mother of two daughters, Diana knows all about the important role a wonderful home plays in family life. She loves meeting new people and working together to transform your thoughts and needs into a spectacular cohesive scheme that adds value to both your property and most importantly your life. If you’re looking for someone with the dedication, experience, passion and skill to make your dreams come true, you really need to speak with Diana and the team.

How we work Start your journey

Our process makes every step simple, stress-free and enjoyable. We’ll work together on ideas, share our inspiration and put plans in place to make your vision a reality. Our construction team are experienced in all areas and have spent years working with us to deliver incredible projects.

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Design and build Designs to suit any space

Our team have used their design and construction expertise to transform some truly incredible homes. We’ve got the creativity and practical knowhow to make our ideas work in everything from new builds to manor houses.

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